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Download the Medication Management App developed by United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. for FREE on Google Play and the Apple Store! This is the essential application for all health care professionals, caregivers, students, and family members with providing direct and indirect patient care and education. [ READ MORE › ]

United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc.

United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. strives to be the leading provider of high-quality, reliable, and transparent information and resources for our veterans and seniors. We provide the essential information that helps the community achieve optimal health and improve their quality of life. Feel free to explore the website to learn more.

We are a HIPAA Compliant Company Services We Offer

United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. offers a diverse range of services designed to help healthcare organizations of all sizes.

COVID-19 Products

Keep your family and loved ones safe from COVID-19. Avail of our high-quality medical supplies and personal protective equipment today!

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Medical Equipment and Supplies Brand Affiliates

Our affiliate lists are updated daily. Email us about our flexible financing options.

  • Cardio Pulmonary tester

    Cardio Pulmonary

    Oxygen supplies, Compressors/Nebulizers, BiPAP, Resuscitation Masks

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  • mobility device

    Mobility Devices

    Wheelchairs, Canes, Crutches, Scooters

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  • bed for surgery and other medical purposes

    Durable Medical Equipment

    Hospital Beds, Mobility Assistive Equipment, Oxygen Equipment

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  • various disposable medical equipments

    Disposable Medical Equipment

    Face Masks, Medical Gloves, Scalpels, Syringes, Exam Gowns

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide information, technology, and the proper equipment needed to maintain the safety and health of our senior and veteran population as well as our healthcare members and their patients. [ WHY WE ARE HERE › ]

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